Make Your Roof as Good as New

Call our experienced roofing contractor in Buffalo, NY

When your roof is damaged, you don't have time to wait around for help. If water leaks into your home, it could cause additional damage and cost you a fortune. Don't hesitate to call on Assured Roofing Systems when you need roof repair services.

Our roofing contractor in Buffalo, NY can repair your roof and put an end to leaks. If your roof is seriously damaged, we can perform a complete roof replacement and leave you with a brand-new roof you can depend on. We've been serving home and business owners since 2001. Trust us to restore your roof properly the first time.

Call our residential and commercial roofing contractor today for the roofing services you need.

Restore your entire exterior

A new roof won't look as appealing against worn-out siding and windows. If you need to update your exterior, our home improvement contractor can help.

We provide window and vinyl siding installation services, including fascia and soffit. Just choose the style you want and we'll install your new exterior using quality materials. Schedule siding and window installation services by calling our home improvement contractor at 716-507-3427.

3 reasons to choose Assured Roofing Systems

You invest a lot in your home or business. You want to know you can trust the contractor you hire to take care of it. Work with Assured Roofing Systems because...

  1. Our roofing contractor will examine your roof to make sure it's fixed properly
  2. We'll clean your home or business after the work is finished so you don't have to deal with debris
  3. You can take advantage of our 40 years of roofing experience

We're dedicated to customer satisfaction and will restore your exterior to give you peace of mind. Ask for a free estimate on any of our services when you call us today.